10 Guides To Stunning Winter Photos

Cold weather can make landscape photography more challenging, as there are many things to consider to help keep you and your gear protected from the elements. But when the ground is enveloped in a blanket of white, even familiar surroundings can take on an entirely different perspective, making extra prep worth it. Here are 10 ways to prepare for winter photography and bring home some unique and creative images.

1. Winter Narratives

One of photographer Tom Mangelsen’s greatest teachers has been Old Man Winter, and having easy access to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks has challenged him to learn new things. See how his approach to wildlife photography leads viewers to deeper stories. Read more …

2. Quiet Landscapes

For Keith Walklet and his wife, Annette, winter is a season of silence, long shadows and simplicty, where one celebrates absences and delights in solitude. Here, they share winter images that capture the contemplative nature of the season. Read more …

3. The Beauty & Challenge Of Winter Storms

Difficult weather produces uniquely compelling conditions for photography, as well as dangers that need to be observed. Dave Welling shares some tips for dealing with extreme weather conditions and tips on how to be knowledgeable about the photographic techniques needed to capture striking images. Read more …

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