5 Tips for Shooting Portraits in Harsh Midday Sun

The midday sun isn’t really photographers’ favorite time to shoot portraits. But, sometimes you’ll be forced to do it, for one reason or another. Photographer Kayleigh June says a lot of her portrait shoots take place at this time of day. So, she shares five helpful tips to make the best out of the unfriendly midday sun.

1. Keep the lighting even

When the sunlight is really harsh, it can create some really unflattering shadows on the model’s face. So, try facing them towards the sunlight, especially their face. Avoid having the sun directly above the model’s face, as it would make them look really strange, and it’s difficult to edit these shadows out.

Sunlight directly above the model’s face

2. Use a reflector

A reflector is a great way to lighten up the shadows without using artificial lighting. Kayleigh points out it works best for her with the backlit images, and it helps to fill in the darker side of the model’s face.


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