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PHONE: 864-214-6535

OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

STUDIO HOURS: By Appointment

STUDIO LOCATION: 19 N Main Street, Inman, SC


“Heather Kitchen is one of the most creative, inventive photographers I’ve have ever worked with ! She even made an old rock n roll nut job like me look good!…

Jungle Jim Cason

“Heather is AWESOME! She takes amazing photos, and works really well with everyone. She doesn’t like missing opportunities either. I’d be surprised if she ever left the house without her…

Jennilyn Ake

“Heather does a great job making me feel at ease. She doesn’t make me do anything I’m non comfortable with and tries some of the ideas I have as well.…

Emily Hall

“I’ve always loved working with Heather. Heather is easy to get a long with, and has a good way of making you feel relaxed. I would suggest her to anybody.…

Brianna Helms

“Heather took some pictures of my girls after make overs. She is very fun, professional, and passionate about her work. I was extremely pleased with the results. She captured the…

Brandi Bridges

“Heather these are awesome! Thank you very much!”

David Porter

“Your photos of SXSE are unbelievably stunning! Great work and thanks for doing that for us, I for one greatly appreciate it. Fine work!”

George Britto

“We would love to have you back. You took the best pics ever!”

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